Friday, September 18, 2009

Ahmadinejad Must Just Love The Controversy

He knows that when he comes here on the 23rd to address the UN General Assembly that there will be hordes of protesters across the street decrying his presence for his human rights violations in his country, the stolen presidential election, his war mongering toward Israel and his nuclear weapons aspirations. So Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has decided to put gasoline on the fire by, once again, during his nation's Palestinian day celebrations, declare that the Holocaust was a hoax.

God only knows what other stupid things he will say when he's in New York. I'm sure any Iranian who loves his or her country just cringes every time he opens his mouth in front of the cameras and microphones. Remember when he gave a speech at Columbia University and declared there are no homosexuals in Iran? Maybe none out of the closet - because admitting you're gay in the Islamic Republic of Iran can lead to your execution.

You would think that, given his tendency to give his nation a black eye virtually every time he opens his mouth that the Supreme Leader and the other ayatollahs would have chosen someone else to win the fixed election. But apparently they don't care either - or - for some reason - find that Ahmadinejad's antics suit their purposes. Which makes the overall situation all the more dangerous.

I hope the world leaders are listening carefully when Ahmadinejad is at the UN. Not to him. Frankly, they should walk out of the GA when he steps to the podium. He represents the antipathy of what the United Nations is supposed to stand for. No, I hope they are listening very closely to the demonstrators across the street. Those are the voices that are important to hear at the UN next week.

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Allen TX said...

One more time the man have many innocent Iranian blood on his hand and broke every human right , rights in Iran came to UN
The place that supposes to stand for human right and address the world leaders and tell the world how they should act either day the wave started in Iran and is getting strongest by the day this young generation really knows what they want and Islamic republic of Iran can’t stop this wave