Thursday, September 24, 2009

Anti-Ahmadinejad Rally At The UN

Thousands of people stood in a park across the street from the United Nations to protest the speech inside by Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad before the General Assembly. This video was shot by Paltalk News Network correspondent Alan Jasie.


Allen TX said...

Thank you for well done job of Alan and Gary to bring the voice of Iranian to the rest of the world God bless you and best wishes in life for you

Anonymous said...

Do you know that you have given more coverage to the uproar in Iran then you have to the Teaparty here in the US? Interesting how you have blown Americans off. Guess it depends on who you worship.

Anonymous said...

Excellent footage, for a most worthy cause!!
Gary, you and your team have fought long and hard for the people of Iran. I am so happy to see that this continues, and that their voices are still being heard, and their cause not forgotten.
Ahmedinejad surely now knows that the world is aware of his tricks......... and the walk out of some many nation's delegates when he got up to make his speech spoke volumes

RICESKI said...

Great bunch of reporting -

I am glad to know this is happening from someone I feel like I know almost. Godo job well done - now get back to work

Gary Baumgarten said...

We covered the Tea Party protests, even did a show from the bus by its co-founder.