Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Birthers Get Another Round In Court

He was, after all, sworn in by the chief justice

The U.S. Supreme Court has already once disposed of one legal challenge to Barack Obama's eligibility to be president of the United States based on his place of birth. The high court ruled that the Pennsylvania attorney who filed the brief had no legal standing in the matter.

Obama, of course, has since been sworn in as president by, none-other-than the chief justice of the Supreme Court - so one would think that the matter has been - finally - laid to rest. But apparently not.

Federal Judge David O. Carter has tentatively set a date in January for another challenge to Obama's eligibility. I say tentatively because the judge also set as a date in October to hear a motion to dismiss.

Given the fact that the keeper of the birth records and the governor of Hawaii have both said that there is a record of live birth for the president there one would have to believe that this is all a grab at straws. Should Carter order those records produced - something he has not - as-of-yet done - the questions about the president's place of birth should finally be resolved - one way or the other.

Of course, even if the records are produced and the judge rules they are bona fide, given the way the political discourse is going in this country, there will be those who will question the decision.


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WorthyOfUrAttn said...

Yes. You would think by now that President Obama's proof of birth would have been setteled. I don't even see a cause to bring it up and persue. He has been an American citizen thus far in his career only a fool would try to thwart that now.

Anonymous said...

These guys are a couple McNuggets short of a happy meal.

Kevin Sandler

Anonymous said...

Only a fool would take something at face value Worthyofurattention and not question it.
If he's right, they'll be wrong............ if they're right, then mayhem will result. Now THEN you can play your race card.