Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Disturbing Video Reveals How Fast Food Chicken Is Processed

This video shows how chicks are mutilated and ground at a hatchery that purportedly is producing chicken for fast food restaurants.

It was posted by the organization Mercy For Animals. And may cause one to pause before ordering a grilled chicken sandwich in the future.

CAUTION: The video is graphic and disturbing.


Diana Victoria (on Paltalk) said...

Ooooooh, pretty gross, to see all the little chicks going along the conveyor, peeping along, to their death. I've been on a new adventure for the past few months of vegetarianism, although I have still been eating eggs and dairy products. I don't like the thought of animals losing their life for me to eat. Also, I've felt slightly squeamish about eating the flesh of a chicken or pig or fish at varying times in the past.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen hot dogs being made in a factory? disturbing.

Emile Mahanti

Anonymous said...

I am a total meat eater but am getting to the point I might have to take up hunting and move to Montana or something. Processed food is disgusting. I wonder if "free range" is any better.

Rich McFadden

Allen Tx said...

What human does not do to survive? So sad bout true :(

Anonymous said...

That's pretty messed up

Alden Merchant

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I'm a vegetarian.

Anonymous said...

See, the how true the slogan 'Meat is murder' is?

Anonymous said...

What's needed is abortion rights for hens so their little chicks won't be tortured and killed like human babies in partial birth abortion.


-LD McLellan