Monday, September 7, 2009

ElBaradei Changes His Tune On Iran

The outgoing head of the International Atomic Energy Agency is singing a different tune today with regard to Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Last week Mohamed ElBaradei told a journal for atomic scientists that international concern over Iran's nuclear weapons aspirations were "hyped." Today, though, he is demanding that Tehran come clean about it's nuclear program.

His 180 degree change comes in a statement to the IAEA board. In it, ElBaradei demands that Iran "substantively re-engage" with the international community in its attempts to properly assess the nation's nuclear program.

Iran may develop nuclear energy but is prohibited from making nuclear weapons. The IAEA, an arm of the United Nations, has been frustrated by Tehran's lack of forthcoming. Which makes ElBaradei's "hyped" comments all the more frustrating. How can you claim concerns are inflated when you, yourself, don't know, because you've not been given free and unfettered access to all of Iran's nuclear development facilities?

It's been reported in the news media that both Israeli army intelligence and the German intelligence agency have warned that Iran is pressing forward with a nuclear weapons program. Given the Iranian regime's history of exporting terrorism, the world cannot afford to be mistaken about its nuclear program. Hyped or not.

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