Monday, September 28, 2009

Facebook Pulls Poll Asking If Obama Should Be Killed

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This afternoon I found an article about a Facebook poll asking if people thought "President Obama should be assassinated." Of course by then the poll feature was shut down and the poll was removed. However, what really gets my goat about this was that a number of people actually voted YES.
Flores: Frightening pollFlores:Frightening poll
Now I don't need to go into the moral aspect of such a poll, almost anyone with half-a-brain knows that it is extremely stupid to think to openly wish for the president to be killed. Let's not even go into the fact that even by many religious convictions, wishing someone dead is wrong. You know, Jesus said to "Pray for your enemies" and "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I mean even a 5-year-old child is taught that in Sunday school.

What I will go into is the fact that given the paranoia of post 9-11 America, Are people so dense to that level of caution that they are willing to post their desire to kill the president in a facebook poll? Not only that but people would actually have the gall to vote YES?

I mean come on, people!

I mean even the most bitter and hostile left-wing nut-job would think twice before posting such a poll against a Republican in office. Demand a trial and have them go to jail? Yes but not once during the eight years of George W. Bush do I recall anyone praying for him to be shot by an assassin.

Look, I am not saying you have to embrace Barack Obama's policies. Disagree with him; that's your right. But don't think for one moment that given how many folks on the right are praying for Obama to die that the government would not take that seriously.

To the authors of the poll: Do you HONESTLY think that the Secret Service would not investigate the author of the poll or the people who voted yes? Let's face it, free speech is a wonderful thing. But when you decide to do something and say something against the president, don't you think that MAYBE, just MAYBE, you should take into account that there are too many psychopaths that would take your words SERIOUSLY?

Partisan politics aside, I am hoping that the people who posted this poll are eventually prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This isn't a matter of politics, this is a matter of what is right and wrong.


Angelhug said...

I dont really care about barrack obama,I wouldnt shed a tear,it a muslims and a liar.

Dumok's Comics said...

wow, I am guessing by your excellent grammar that you are such a bright and intelligent person...I mean, wow,Your exceptional eloquence and erudite sentence structure really lends some serious credibility to your statement.
Golly gee willikers, could you shed some more of your brilliance and witty repartee?

Anonymous said...

Obviously Eric, as a Paltalker, didn't visit some of the rooms that I have listened in to when Bush was President!

DR GRUMPY said...