Monday, September 21, 2009

FCC Chair Commits To Net Neutrality

The chairman of the FCC has committed the United States to the concept of net neutrality.

Julius Genachowski's comments came during a speech to the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC.

Net neutrality is the concept of providing broadband Internet service free of content restrictions. The idea is to make broadband available to as many people as possible. Internet service providers, Genachowski says, cannot preclude their customers from innovatively using their networks.

"Network operators cannot prevent users from accessing the lawful Internet content, applications and services of their choice," he said, "nor can they prohibit users from attaching non-harmful devices to the network." Read The Full Transcript Here



Anonymous said...

So who said anyone could interfere with the net anyway. By what authority? By claiming that they're setting the rules says that they've claimed it as their territory. Once they've done that, they can do anything they want. That might make me considered paranoid, but we've already seen that this group can puree the Constitution...

John Matras

lucy lane said...

As I've been reading various comments, I agree with some of them where they state they have some mixed feelings about this idea being both good and maybe not so good. As long as it does not interrupt too much of the ISPs. Of course, we may not know that until the basic "trial and error" take place.