Monday, September 21, 2009

Fox Producer Spurred Tea Protesters On

Tea Party protesters giving CNN a hard time

If you're old enough to remember the protests outside the occupied U.S. Embassy in Tehran during the Islamic revolution there 30 years ago you'll recall that the protesters were seemingly constantly chanting anti-American phrases. It wasn't until later that it was reported that the demonstrators remained passive until the TV cameras came on, and then they performed for their electronic audience.

If there's a camera pointed in the direction of someone demonstrating, you can rest assured that person - or that group of people - will wake up long enough to make the recording a success. Because, of course, no lively protest translates into the video not making air. Both the cameraman and the protesters lose.

But, apparently for Fox News - which chided the other networks for under reporting the Tea Protests - that wasn't enough. It's now being reported that during live shots, a Fox producer was prompting demonstrators to be - well - demonstrative.

This kind of manipulation of the news is unethical. It colors coverage and it weakens confidence in the consumers of the reporting.

Clearly this kind of activity is both unfair and unbalanced.

When a CNN reporter chided Tea Protest demonstrators in Chicago she was fired. Let's see if any heads will likely roll at Fox. Read More Here


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Anonymous said...

Yeah and when the cameras caught her, she was stunned and then tried to duck out of view. But hey, we all know that Fox is fair and balanced. LOL

Anthony Bradford