Tuesday, September 1, 2009

News Talk Online September 1, 2009: Harry Reid Sends Aide To Videotape Tea Party Express

The Tea Party Express, the bus tour that began in California and is winding it's way to a September 12 rally in Washington D.C. has apparently captured the attention of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).

Organizers of the anti-health reform and anti-tax increase movement allege that Reid has dispatched an aide to follow and film the tea party tour as it traverses through Nevada.

Tour organizers first noticed a videographer who they refer to as a "Reid associate" filming a tea party rally in Winnemucca, Nevada. They say they saw the same videographer shooting at rallies in Elko and Ely, Nevada

"Senator Reid is obviously taking note of the growing momentum building behind the Tea Party Express. Now it's time for Reid to show he's getting the message and change his tax-spend-bailout ways," said Mark Williams, vice chair of the Tea Party Express.

Williams will be joining us on News Talk Online on Paltalk.com at 5 PM New York time to discuss the concerns the Democratic leader has about, and the message the Tea Party Express is trying to get out to the public.


Allen TX said...

Well when first time I heard about tea party I asked dear friend in paltalk about it and he said oh yes Allen at the beginning of election he said when the feel obama will win he said some one mentioned a tea party yes you heard me right and as I trust this friend I believed him something small start from few friend in chat room and every one past to some other friends and now be come a big things all over the usa yes baby after all the bad things is happening it may some good comes out of it as they say every thing happen for Rison

Anonymous said...

Well, I am glad Harry Reid has heard about this, since Obama claimed he had not!! Must be too busy playing god in other parts of the world!

Anonymous said...

"Organizers of the anti-health reform and anti-tax increase movement.." Gary, everyone knows if you want to label people as "bad" or "negative" types, you call them "anti". While being anti-tax increase would likely get one cheers, calling people "anti-health reform" is likely to get them labeled wrong. We aren't anti-reform! WE ARE ANTI-GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED HEALTH CARE. There's a HUGE difference.

That being said, yes, Obama knows. And he's dispatching the wrong person. Harry Reid isn't widely accepted by even moderates.

Maybe he should dispatch you ;)

-LD McLellan