Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In Michigan, Making Sure Your Neighbor's Kids Get On The School Bus Safely Can Get You In Hot Water

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In Michigan there is a law designed to prevent unlicensed day care centers from opening.

The intent of the law is a good one. It's designed to ensure that no one who is unqualified opens a day care center and puts children in harm's way. But sometimes, the people who we charge to enforce regulations lack common sense.

Such is the case with a Irving Township, Michigan woman who, as a favor to three of her neighbors who have to work, takes in their children to wait for the school bus - safely - in her home each morning. Someone complained - and she received a letter from the state saying she was in violation of the law.

So, a law designed to protect children was being enforced to, potentially, put children in harm's way.

The public uproar over the decision has prompted Michigan's governor to urge that the law be changed. But one must question the decision making of the officials who blindly enforced the law and sent the woman the warning. Did they get into the business of child welfare because they wanted to protect children? Or did they get into it because they wanted to throw their weight around?


Anonymous said...

This happened in the UK too. Two policewomen had an arrangement that allowed them to share child care so they could both work. Someone reported them to the authorities and they were told they were breaking the law. Apparently in the UK you can only look after someone else's kids if you are a relation!!

This is ludicrous. The tail begins to wag the dog. Surely these sorts of arrangements have operated for decades - they have made it possible, through reciprocal arrangements, for women to be employed for periods of time that they might otherwise might not be able to do.

Obviously we don't want to put children in danger - but with an arrangement like the one I described in the UK the risk to the children was negligible. The PARENTS carry the ultimate responsibility for their children... NOT the STATE!

Anonymous said...

another example of common sense at work, you know it is better to leave your children at home alone in the morning after you leave for work than with a caring neighbor where they may be watched before they go to school...?

WorthyOfUrAttn said...

There is too much tension in our society today geared toward child welfare. No matter the number of children a person cares for on premises, the only concerns should be 1) is the property child safe and 2) is their a payment transaction under the table to watch children unlicensed. I have no patience or tolerance for meddling neighbors.