Sunday, September 27, 2009

Iran Flexes Military Muscle

I suppose it was inevitable.

Yesterday Iran said it will open the doors to its second, previously secret, nuclear facility to United Nations inspectors. Today it test fires short range missiles.

The tests were Iran's way of reminding the rest of the world that it continues to have military might - and that it would use that strength to protect itself should it come under attack.

Iran, like all nations, has the right to defend itself. But the timing of the firing begs the question. If the nuclear facility is designed for peaceful energy purposes, then why does Tehran have to show its military might?

There would be no reason to attack Iran if the country complies - first by giving the inspectors free and unfettered access to the facility. Second, to take steps to ensure the world that it no longer is pursuing a nuclear weapons option.

Iran is saying the right things, suddenly, as the world becomes aware of the second plant. But its actions paint a different picture indeed.

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