Monday, September 21, 2009

Like The President He Served, Carter's Ex-National Security Adviser Shows True Colors On Israel


Many Israelis and American Jews don't feel that former President Jimmy Carter ever was an honest broker of the Middle East peace. His numerous comments about Israel make that pretty clear. He's now, and probably was then, tipped toward the Palestinian view and is largely unconcerned with Israel's security needs.

Now Carter's former national security adviser is showing similar affection toward Israel.

Zbigniew Brzezinski is saying the United States should make it clear to Israel that should that nation's military jets overfly Iraq on the way to a bombing mission to Iran the U.S. will shoot down their planes.

Brzezinski has got it all wrong. The U.S. should let them refuel or even launch from Iraq if necessary if they're on a mission to blow up a nuclear weapons facility in Iran. As a former national security adviser, he should be more concerned about the threat a nuclear armed Iran poses to the world than expressing his hatred for Israel. Read More Here


Anonymous said...

Wow-those comments are extraordinary, especially considering they come from a former National Security Adviser

Jennifer Horn

Anonymous said...

So, the only U.S. leader to forge a lasting peace between Israel and an Arab state is anti-Israel?

And his former Secretary of State calling for recognition of Iraqi sovereignty by the United States, it's military occupier and partner, shows hatred and lack of concern for Isreal's security needs?

Someone is showing his true colors alright, and it's Gary Baumgarten.