Thursday, September 10, 2009

NATO Boss Opposes Afghan Pullout

Rasmussen - favors staying

Count me among those who have been questioning the mission in Afghanistan. I've stated before that I'm quite concerned that Afghanistan threatens to become another Iraq. Like Iraq, our reasons for being there keep changing. And like Iraq, military commanders are calling for more assets to "finish the job."

I think we should just say, we went into get Osama bin Laden, he fled the area, and so now, we're getting out.

But the new secretary-general of NATO disagrees with me on this. Anders Fogh Rasmussen is expected to say in a speech that opinions like mine are in the "wrong direction."

Nothing good can come from an extended stay in Afghanistan. Whether we leave now or whether we leave later, the country will remain tribally fragmented and corrupt. The only question is how many more Afghanis will die at the hands of NATO troops and how many more troops will die by staying longer.

Others have tried, unsuccessfully, to tame Afghanistan at great regrettable loss. Let's not make the same mistake. Mr. Rasmussen should save NATO troops for a better defined, winnable function.

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Anonymous said...

Tell you what..... if this is truly a NATO exercise that Rasmussen is commited to then let him get other nations to make an equal committment. Why should the UK and USA shoulder the major burden? Maybe this guy, who sounds Scandinavian could get some of the European countries to make more of a commitment.