Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nature's Call Can Get You Arrested These Days

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Here's a tip for anyone flying in these post-9/11 days.

Go to the restroom and do your business before you board your flight - even if you don't feel the urge.

I make this recommendation because of a story out of Los Angeles - and how the call of nature resulted in an airplane being delayed, the passengers removed and the aircraft searched.

Seems a passenger urgently needed to use the facilities after the flight attendant told them to fasten their seat belts and remain in their seats until the plane was aloft.

When he got up, a flight attendant commanded him back in his seat. But you know how it is - when you gotta go, you gotta go.

So he ignored the order and made a mad dash for the restroom. An action that, these days, constitutes a security breach.

So, the plane was delayed, the plane returned to the gate, the passengers were removed, the plane and the man's luggage searched and the undoubtedly embarrassed man, questioned.

He won't be charged but it really underscores how silly some of the security precautions are.

If he had some kind of a device that he managed to slip past the screening process and he had waited until the seatbelt sign was off and then went to the restroom to hide it then no one would be the wiser. So how was anyone made safer by the inconvenience and delay?

Sometimes common sense needs to prevail. Yes, technically, it is against federal law to disobey the directions of a flight attendant. But come on now, the guy had an emergency of sorts, didn't he? I mean, would some kind of justice been served had he remained in his seat and lost control of his bladder? I don't think his aisle mates would have much appreciated that.


WorthyOfUrAttn said...

I feel that passengers actions were alarming. I would have done the same thing the stewardess did.

Anonymous said...

on the radio news here, we heard that the passenger had removed a panel in the bathroom and said that he did so because the water did not work? and the attendant noticed that after the passenger left the rest room and that is when she notified the captain???

Gary Baumgarten said...

None of the articles I've seen (and I just researched the story again) mention anything about the removal of a panel. The passenger wasn't charged, I would presume that had he tampered with the plane's equipment he would have been arrested.

Could it have been an off-handed comment you heard on the radio?