Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New York Health Care Workers Rally Against Mandatory Flu Vaccinations

New York health care workers are rallying at the state capital in Albany over a requirement that they be vaccinated against the seasonal flu and the swine flu.

The workers feel that the regulation infringes upon their civil liberties. Many of them are also concerned that the swine flu vaccine has not yet been properly tested. They worry that in a rush to develop a vaccine there may be unforeseen side effects. They believe that they should be given a choice over which risk they want to take. Not taking the vaccine and risk getting the swine flu. Or taking the vaccine and risk possible complications.


garys bodyguard said...

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Anonymous said...

must be those republican tea baggers again that control the state of new york?

Anonymous said...

You know, the person who made the last remark about 'tea baggers' ought to go and get a life.