Tuesday, September 8, 2009

News Talk Online September 8, 2009: Obama To Take The Gloves Off Tomorrow

Not everyone shares the president's vision

Expect President Obama to come out feisty and insistent as he prods a joint session of Congress tomorrow night to do what various administrations starting with Harry Truman's have tried and failed to do - pass health reform legislation.

He faces a tough battle from those on the right who have raised their voices loudly and have predicted all kinds of dire consequences - from death panels that will decide whether Grandma lives or dies - to the government deciding whether or not any of us get treatment for any ailment that might befall us.

He also has seemingly lost control of the battle. He's failed to make his vision clear even to leaders of his own party in the House and Senate. Causing confusion among Democrats as well as Republicans.

The general public is confused and concerned as well, especially about the still-failing economy and the inherent costs of the government getting involved in health care. Town hall meetings hosted by various members of Congress over the August break turned into raucous affairs as emotional constituents articulated their concerns.

The recognition of his rhetorical skills aside, Obama has failed to convey his message as well as his detractors.

He'll try to change all that tomorrow night but is it too little, too late to save this effort?

We talked about his uphill battle and what may be the defining moment of his presidency to date on today's News Talk Online on Paltalk.com today. And we'll carry his speech live and in its entirety tomorrow at 8 PM New York time.


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