Thursday, September 3, 2009

Paltalk's Diana Falzone On CBS Early Show Saturday

Diana, left, and Natali at Wurk-Times Square

We all know that many people now go online to find a date - or even a
mate. But how can you maximize your online dating profile?

When the CBS Early Show wanted to know, they sent correspondent Natali
Del Conte to relationship expert Diana Falzone of

Diana, who is host of Date Night with Diana on Fox News iMAG, also holds
court on every Thursday at 11 AM New
York time for the Diana Falzone show. People from all across the globe
use Paltalk's voice-over-IP technology to call Diana and ask her
questions about online relationships.

"Paltalk was the perfect venue for me when I decided to do this show,"
Diana says, "because it's the largest multimedia interactive program
on the Internet. When I learned there were 4 million people online
wanting to talk to me about relationships, I knew that was the place
to hold my weekly forum."

Anyone can join in the fun on Paltalk by going to and
downloading the free program. They'll instantly be able to text, talk
and share live streaming video with one another.

"I love getting calls on Paltalk from across the United States and
around the world from people who I not only can hear but actually
see," Diana says.

Diana has learned from hosting the show a lot about what issues and
concerns people face when meeting one another over the Internet.

"When people meet online, they are not just screen names to one
another. They're real people with real feelings," she notes.

She also has learned that a certain online etiquette is necessary to
be successful. And she has a lot of advice about how to keep yourself
safe if you ever take the next step with someone you've met online to
share go on a date in person.

The interview was conducted at Wurk-Times Square, offering
beautifully-designed professional office, conference and event space
for companies' short-term real estate requirements.

Diana's interview will appear on Saturday's CBS Early Show which airs
from 7-9 AM ET.


Photo credit: Gary Baumgarten

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