Sunday, September 6, 2009

Poll: U.S. Support For Israel High

Hamas fighter with rocket launcher

A new poll conducted on behalf of the Israel Project shows that support for Israel in the United States is high.

It shows that 59 percent of those surveyed consider themselves supporters of Israel in the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians. Only a paltry 8 percent identify themselves as Palestinian supporters.

This in spite of the fact that the news media largely ignores rocket attacks on Israel until the Israelis retaliate. Then, suddenly, it becomes an international crisis as the Israelis use their overwhelming military might to protect themselves.

You'd also find it hard to believe if you judge from anecdotal evidence off of Paltalk. If some of the vitriolic rhetoric reserved for Israel - some of it out and out blood libel - was truly reflective of the mindset of the American people, Israel would have little or no support from the United States.

Now juxtapose the results of this poll against one conducted in Israel in which the Israelis showed overwhelming concern that America wasn't supporting their nation any longer. That perception is based in large part on the actions of President Obama who traveled to the Middle East in June to try to repair relations with the Muslim world.

Perhaps he was successful in regaining Muslim trust of the United States. But the Israelis felt he'd ignored them at the expense of the Muslims. Ironically, American support of Israel actually increased following Obama's Cairo address.

Those Israelis and the majority of Americans who support Israel who are concerned that the White House is turning its back on Israel can only hope that the president is reading the polls as well.


Anonymous said...

its nice to hear that the American support or negotiate the Israel to decrease the terrorism, but sad to say He didnt realize that he is focusing only one country the Israel but America wasnt supporting any longer.

Anonymous said...

Obama must be told by all of us, that we support Israel and will also defend Israel. It is our duty to support our friends, jamie_38

Df said...

The issue in Israel is not a lack of support by the American people but the perception that Obama is moving away from support of Israel, to the extent of possibly withdrawing U.S. support for any of what Israel sees as basic survival issues. His focus on the settlement construction freeze is completely off base - that is not the core issue. Even the Saudis just said that it is wrong to focus on it - there are basic core issues that need to be addressed in order to come to an overall agreement, not a piecemeal one.

The interesting point as far as Israel is concerned is what the quid pro quo will be from the arab countries in reaction to a settlement construction freeze. my estimation is - nada

RICESKI said...

I am not reading too much into this as the 'American people' I have known all my life in their hearts, support Israel. However, it is like pulling teeth to get the leadership of America to poke their necks out to the extent it will take to make the Arab world know and understand that if they continue to be positioned and to verbalize the fact they are Israel's enemies they will feel the wrath of America.
I say we need to make it known in no uncertain terms that America will destroy Israel's enemy's no matter who they are. This and only this will send the signal to Israel and her enemies that the line in the sand is not only drawn it is in stone as in a wall of protection around Israel that will only grow larger not ever smaller.
As for main stream media and the war being waged illegally against Israel - they are liberals like you Gary and liberals always sell themselves short when it comes to fighting for what is right for others. Just my opine - :)

Anonymous said...

The opinion of the American people is obviously not reflected in the Obama administration. He is behaving like a petulant schoolchild who when he does not get his own way resorts to bullying tactics. Obama has been so keen to tell Israel what they must do, why isn't he telling Fatah, and Hamas for that matter, what THEY must do. It's pretty obvious where his sympathies lie.
Maybe someone should have told Obama that when he was installed as President it didn't mean that he OWNS America, and that it is his to do as he likes with.

RICESKI said...

I tried to warn people Osama is a terrorist with an education. It is obvious the only thing Obama can lead America to is it's end. Sadly Americans were duped into thinking he was different. I knew he was bad news when he didn't honor his mother - lied and sealed his birth certificate and showed evidence he agrees with the adage of "God Damn America" - seems he is sure doing that.

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps he was successful in regaining Muslim trust of the United States. But the Israelis felt he'd ignored them at the expense of the Muslims. Ironically, American support of Israel actually increased following Obama's Cairo address."

But Obama is the man for the left, Gary! Shouldn't libs be backing him on this instead of being critical?

Actually, I think Israel doesn't need American support and may actually be damaged by it.

Here's what I mean:

Our agreements with Israel have actually placed Israel in an untenable position of having to-- HAVING TO-- listen to American leaders when it comes to defense strategies and retaliations against Hamas and Hezbollah (to name the most recent conflicts).

This has meant a call to cease defensive strategies within millimeters of annihilating their enemies.

When it comes to Hamas and Hezbollah, that's like telling the exterminator to kill all the cockroaches and then making him stop halfway through the process.

Oh, you're getting some bugs, but not all of them, which means they will breed more bugs and the contentions will continue.

But maybe the tensions will continue anyway. Who knows? In the meantime, is it the US's place to be involved with Israeli policy? Nope. I believe we should butt out. Israel is a whip-butt nation which doens't need our help nor our input.

On the other hand.... Obama simply seems to have a disdain for Israel, which sincerely bothers me. I hope to God he doesn't support her enemies. That's a far cry different from butting out.


RICESKI said...

Obama supporters by far and away do not support Israel because he doesn't. Must be hard on some liberals.
"Ironic" someone says that American support increased after Osama went to Cairo, to sell out non-Muslims in America is not the right word as of course more Americans support Israel.
OF COURSE OSAMA hates Israel - he is a Mohammedan - get that through your think skull!

Gary Baumgarten said...

His name is Obama, not Osama, and he's a Christian.

RICESKI said...

His name is Hussien and he has not stepped foot into a Christian Church in over 20 years.
If he is a Christian you're the tooth fairy.

Gary Baumgarten said...

I suppose you're now going to say that the church where Rev. Wright was pastor isn't a Christian church.

Next we'll hear that the Catholic church Teddy Kennedy was buried out of (remember Obama was there) isn't a Christian church.

Which opens a whole new debate as to who are the "real" Christians, I suppose. Not my fight, nor my interest. But I do notice that the name of the Chicago church in question is the Trinity United Church of CHRIST (emphasis added) which seems to me to suggest it's a Christian church.

The fact that Obama's middle name is Hussein doesn't make him a Muslim by the way. Hussein has both Arabic and African origins and means "good boy" or "good looking boy."

RICESKI said...

As one who deals with fake every day , claming they are indeed Paltalk employees I would think of all people Gary B. you would see the point. When someone hits their thumb with a hammer and hollars "Jesus Christ" they are hardly claiming they are followers of same.
It matters that one's heart be headed in the same direction as their face or they get confused - a lot like Mr. Osama [ as Mr. Kennedy called him on more than one occasion.
Rather than speak ill of the dead I will simply say Mr. Kennedy was not a good driver but on the other hand he was one heck of a swimmer.