Saturday, September 5, 2009

Some School Districts Let Parents Opt Children Out Of Obama Speech

His Tuesday speech has become politicized already

President Obama's scheduled address Tuesday to the nation's schoolchildren has so enraged some conservatives who feel he will brainwash their children into socialism that they've successfully pressured school districts to let their children opt-out of listening to his speech.

Other districts are opting to not carry the speech at all as too distracting. But some are not only carrying the speech - but they are making it mandatory viewing.

There are those who are urging parents to keep their children home if their schools are forcing children to listen. But now, there are some on the left who are encouraging parents to keep children home if their school is not carrying the speech - presumably to their kids can watch it on the Internet or on C-Span.

Perhaps the president had no intention of politicizing anything when he conceived of welcoming children back to school and encouraging them to take their studies seriously. But, obviously - like it or not - it has become a political hot potato.

You can judge for yourself. We'll be carrying the speech Tuesday on News Talk Online - and then we'll be giving you a chance to comment on what the president had to say.


Anonymous said...

I believe a transcript of the speech will be available prior to it being delievered

Gary Baumgarten said...

Yes it will, on Monday.

Dumok's Comics said...

Well it is obvious that these cowards are proving their treasonous lack of respect for the office of the president.
Well like they've told us countless times, You can always leave this country and find another home that best fits their twisted and perverse ideology.
Screw them, we don't need these slack jawed brutes to fix our country.
It's obvious where their loyalties truly lie, and it's NOT with the people of the united states.
Let hope that they don't continue to breed and contaminate the rest of the planet.

Anonymous said...

"Screw them, we don't need these slack jawed brutes to fix our country."

Those slack jawed people, as you call them, are hard working Americans who are as entitled to their views as you are to yours.

Sadly, this is what liberals do: they say "we dont need them." And then scream for tolerance.

The hypocrisy of the left is always amazing!

Dumok's Comics said...

And Many of us who are "Liberals" work Just as hard, the difference is we love this country and you dolts don't. We loved the country to protest against an unjust war, we loved this country to speak out when the rest of you neanderthals just sheepishly went along and called us Unpatriotic and anti-American.
You bitch and moan but when called upon to give us real solutions that can work you waste the time continuing to bitch and moan. Never mind the fact that you don't even have the courage to put a name to your opinion.
The only Hypocrisy is the fact that you refuse to do something useful.
America, Love it or Leave it.
Just make sure you castrate yourself so you don't pollute the planet with your stupid progeny.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dumb Oks Commics .......... it's pretty obvious YOU are the danger with your intolerant attitude that doesn't allow for a difference of opinion and feels everyone should walk in lock step!!

(Oh, and BTW, did your parents actually give you the name Dimoks?)

Anonymous said...

Whoops, did I say DIM???????????
My bad

Dumok's Comics said...


I have no problem with people disagreeing, that's your right, but when racist homophobic scum such as yourself (who don't have the courage to post a name to your opinions) use terrorist tactics to subvert the discussion with flaming rhetoric and blatant hypocrisy then you are not worthy of respect.
Scum-sucking Traitors like yourselves have no interest in trying to work to help this nation deal with the tough issues, and would rather hide their children than let them see the ELECTED President of this great country for fear that he might "Indoctrinate" your children to be productive members of MY Country.
We don't need morons like yourselves polluting the discussion with your stupid and sheep-like mentality.

Anonymous said...

Dumok's stop being a hater. hehe Such anger.

Dumok's Comics said...

Well after The eight years of Stupid where my patriotism was insulted by my questioning an unjust war, it feels good to finally turn the tables on the REAL traitors to My country.

Andyuk41 said... a transcript of the President speech would be out on Monday. Good can you be so kind as to Post it on your Blog. So We can Digest it before the Actual Broadcast. Thanks btw i m confident it wont be long speech as the Kids Concentration isnt that long either lol We'll See !