Thursday, September 24, 2009

Swine Flu Update September 24, 2008

CDC: Rapid flu tests misses cases of swine flu.

Southern U.S. a swine flu hot spot, Austin, TX children's hospital prepares for onslaught by setting up tents outside the building.

The ER at the Dallas children's hospital is overflowing with anxious parents and their children looking for tests and treatment for their kids.

The United Nations is pitching for $1.5 billion for swine flu vaccine for nations that can't afford it.

The United States is doing its part, donating 10 percent of its swine flu vaccine to the World Health Organization.

British swine flu cases double over past seven days.

And prisoners in Britain seem to be putting antibacterial hand sanitizer they've been given to combat the swine flu to good use. They are ingesting it to get drunk!

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