Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Swine Flu Update September 8, 2009

Swine flu is striking China hard, so hard that officials there are terming the situation "grim."

The traditional shaking of fellow parishioners' hands as a sign of peace during the Roman Catholic mass has been suspended in a Cincinnati church because of swine flu fears.

A Philadelphia doctor who appeared on the Today Show to declare swine flu vaccines as safe is being accused of bias because he failed to disclose that he's been paid to represent another one of the vaccine manufacturer's products.

Bad news for people in the Netherlands. The Dutch government is announcing that it won't have enough swine flu vaccine to go around.

The manufacture of a tooth brush sanitizer claims its product will kill swine flu germs that may be lingering on the bristles.

And in Egypt, six doctors have been suspended for allegedly failing to diagnose swine flu in two patients who died.

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