Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Swine Flu Update September 9, 2009

More people may have already had the swine flu than the number that has been reported. Doctors are saying that, if you've had the flu, or even the sniffles, chances are what you had, though undiagnosed, was the swine flu. Maybe this means it isn't going to be as deadly as feared?

Swine flu reaches epidemic proportions in France.

Nearly three-fourths of college campuses in the USA have been hit by the swine flu.

Forty-three children have died, thus far, of the swine flu in the United States.

Yesterday I asked if they were going to forgo passing the wine chalice when giving communion at churches because of swine flu fears. Some churches are handling this by offering stronger wine.

And finally, the sap from "Dung of the Devil," a foul odored plant that grows in China, Afghanistan and Iran may fight off the swine flu. Maybe the poppy farmers in Afghanistan could switch to this crop!

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