Thursday, October 29, 2009

Will Obama Play Solomon With U.S. Troops In Afghanistan?

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The Associated Press is quoting unnamed administration sources today as saying that President Obama is considering cutting down the number of troops he will send to Afghanistan. The number, far less than that requested by General Stanley McChrystal, is being called, the AP says, "McChrystal Light."

If he does so, he will, in essence, be pulling a King Solomon. Only in this case, the baby becomes the military. And, in this case, unlike the baby in the Biblical story, the baby does get cut in half.

The idea is to refine the mission and not go all out, as McChrystal would, to eradicated the Taliban.

If he does this, he is sure to displease people on both sides of the argument. Those who want troops to come home completely will be disappointed. Those who agree with McChrystal that what's needed is a significant buildup of troops will be as well.

If this happens, both sides may ironically make the same argument. That what they will both likely call Obama's "indecision" will put the troops there in greater risk. Of course, each side will have a different solution to that conclusion. But they will find unusual common ground never-the-les

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