Wednesday, November 11, 2009

News Talk Online November 11, 2009: Veterans Day

Richard Asztalos of the Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund was my guest on today's News Talk Online on the Paltalk News Network.

Asztalos talked about returning veterans who have apparent physical injuries and hidden brain trauma. And those who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

He also discussed the need to find jobs for those returning from the field of battle.

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Anonymous said...

Nobody else has commented, so I will.

I wish to thank those who served in our Armed forces and those who currently serve, as well as their families, who serve in their own way.

My Dad who assisted in the bombing of Hiroshima as the videographer/photographer before, during and after, risking his life to save others.

My Uncle, who was killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

My son, who served three tours in Iraq as a physician, caring for the children, many of whom were deformed from Sadaam's gassings and tortures.

My nephew who lost a leg in Iraq but who is running marathons now with his new prosthesis.

My mother-in-law, who served as a Navy wave in WWII and my father in law who served as a Marine in WWII, Korea and VietNam.

And last but not least, my late husband who served in the Navy during Nam and who will always have my heart.

I was honored to have been a Navy wife and I feel a sense of pride in our two clans, both served our nation proudly.

-LD McLellan