Monday, November 9, 2009

News Talk Online November 9. 2009

Renee Glazer of the group Get Out Of Our House was my guest on News Talk Online on the Paltalk News Network.

GOOOH hopes to defeat all incumbent members of the House of Representatives during next year's mid-term elections and replace them with "regular" people who agree to run for no more than two-terms and to be beholden to the people of their districts - not the Washington lobbyists.

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Pamela said...

Well well Gary another nasty comment about me on the radio this time huh well just to let you know you sure did not make me dry adter our conversation on your show last week.You of all people sure could not make me cry over how I feel about muslims being in OUR MILITARY do not be so quick to pat yourself on the back because it makes you look foolish.
Now are you quite done making comments about me on your blog & on your radio show or do you have plans to keep dogging me or can it now be done with??
If you have anything further to say about me might I suggest you be man enough to do it to my face & not behind my back thats if your up to any kind of suggestions.