Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2 Worlds Squabble In Copenhagen

Many people in developed nations shudder at the thought of implementation of a so-called "cap and trade" treaty as an outcome of global climate summit in Copenhagen. A treaty that would limit emissions from developed nations - but give a pass to emerging countries that don't have the money to pay for anti-pollution efforts.

But the developing nations have concerns of their own. A so-called "Danish memo" which would treat both rich and impoverished nations equally is causing those nations with less resources some angst.

The rift underscores the inequity in any approach taken to obviate global warming. It's just not fair, some would argue, to impose the same restrictions on the poorer nations that might be assumed by the more affluent. But others argue that it makes no sense to essentially penalize countries like the United States while allowing emerging economies like India to spew greenhouse gas emissions unabated.



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