Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2009: A Disastrous Year For Newspapers

Buyouts at the New York Times. A threat of even more layoffs at the Los Angeles Times. Home delivery cut to three-days-a-week at the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press. The Ann Arbor News publishing its last edition.

In all, 15,000 jobs reportedly were lost in the newspaper business in 2009.

Newspapers have been the mainstay of news coverage in the United States. The local papers sniffed out the stories. The broadcast media and the wire services chased their lead.

There are new efforts to bring local news content to the Internet. But the Internet is best utilized for global news dissemination. Because the audience is - by nature - worldwide.

Online news sites are also struggling to monetize their ventures. And without sufficient revenues, there aren't that many jobs for those talented newspaper people who now find themselves out of work.



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