Wednesday, December 23, 2009

News Talk Online December 23, 2009: Doctor With His Own Health Reform Plan & A PI Who Can Track Down Anyone

We’ve heard a lot about health care reform from the politicians and the pundits. Now, a respected practicing physician from the heartland of America pulls off the surgical mask and the latex gloves to reveal “what ails America’s health care system.”

Dr. Michael Pryce, author of the book ANATHEMA! - America's War On Medicine: A Veteran Doctor Offers a Cure for What Ails America's Health Care System, paid a timely visit to News Talk Online on the Paltalk News Network today.

Pryce is trying to get a commitment from all members of Congress that they go on the same health care plan that they are asking the public to accept.

He argues in his book that insurance companies have ravaged our system of health care and made off with unheard-of profits. Tens of millions of Americans go uninsured or under-insured, he argues, while health-insurance executives reap multi-billion dollar bonuses.

Pryce says that with so much money spent on health care each year, the overabundance of easy money attracts those who would exploit medicine just for the money. He calls health care in America a national tragedy.

Today's second guest on News Talk Online on the Paltalk News Network was Vinny Parco, star of Parco, PI, a reality television program which aired on the Court TV network.

The series was about the cases of the New York City-based private investigator, his family, his daughter Dani Parco, his twin sons Chris Parco and Vincent Parco Jr., and a number of the female investigators who work for the firm.

The show gained considerable attention before its second season premiere for its viral marketing using billboards that posed as a letter from a wife named "Emily" to her unfaithful husband "Steven." In the letter, "Emily" reveals that she knows about Steven's infidelity and implies that she will file for divorce from him.

Parco took calls about what it's like to be a PI, and how you can tell if your significant other is cheating on you, how to track down someone who owes you money or how to find that hit-and-run driver who smashed your car in the supermarket parking lot.

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