Saturday, December 12, 2009

Feds Cut Homeland Security Funds To New York City

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Here we go again!

The Department of Homeland Security is cutting funds for New York City to protect itself against the threat of terrorism.

We saw the Bush administration do the same. Again - no difference in many respects between the former Republican White House and the current government run by Democrat Barack Obama.

It seems to me that with these guys and gals in Washington, it's all fluff and no substance when it comes to what candidate Obama promised - change.

I mean, if you take what Obama is saying about his decision to increase troops to Afghanistan - for example - and substitute Iraq for Afghanistan - it sounds an awful lot like the words of George W. Bush. But I digress.

To their credit, Republican Congressman Peter King and Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer once again - as they did repeatedly when the Bush administration cut homeland security funding to New York - are putting partisanship aside. The are very correctly saying that New York City was - and remains - a prime target of terrorists. To abandon the city that suffered so horrifically on September 11, 2001 is unconscionable.

I happen to look at Ground Zero every single day. I happen to walk past the New York Stock Exchange and see helmeted police carrying automatic weapons every day. I happen to pass checkpoints every single day. I - like many others - am constant reminded that the nation's largest city - not only attracts business and tourists from around the world - but also the attention of jihadists who want to strike at America for what it stands for.

President Bush was wrong to cut Homeland Security funding for New York City. So now is President Obama.

He doesn't mind moving the trials of the Gitmo 5 to New York. But in the next breath he cuts counter terrorism funding for the city. Now does that make sense to anybody?



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