Monday, December 7, 2009

News Talk Online September 7, 2009: Obama Approval Rating Falls To A New Low

After a slight bump following his national speech during which he pledged an addtional 30,000 troops for Afghanistan, President Obama, whose approval rating has recently hovered just below 50 percent, sees it dropping to a new low of 47 percent as determined by the Gallup Poll.

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Anonymous said...


why is Obama falling in the polls? the American people are waking up from a post election haze to see who they voted for is an empty suit , a silver tongued fox who beguiled the populis with his charm, just like a snake charmer. His campaign was geared to those 2 words Hope and change.He called upon some mindbending phrases as he still continues today in that same unending campaign mode. his work as a community organizer is ever present in the way he conducts himself. this country does not need a community organizer! we need a leader!this world is in so much trouble right now we dont need a president in office who makes his appology trips to other countries almost monthly. certainly we appear weaker to other governments with Obama.s mind set at the helm of this ship of state
America, wake up before it is too late! use your common sense to see what is happening right before our eyes! jamie_38