Monday, December 7, 2009

Gate Crashers Weren't 1st To Elude Secret Service At White House

Over the weekend, on the Bob Grant Show on WABC Radio in New York, the discourse was about security at the White House, and how two people - not on the guest list - were permitted to gain access to a state dinner there.

The well-publicized intrusion has - rightly so - focused on security at the White House in particular and surrounding the president in general. And has raised questions about the conduct of the Secret Service and members of the White House staff.

Three Secret Service employees have been suspended while an investigation continues.

One caller - unchallenged by Grant - laid the blame right on the feet of the president - claiming that since Obama has taken office - affirmative action in the hiring of Secret Service agents has lowered the caliber of those protecting the president.

The comment was obviously - on its face - both racist and inaccurate. Especially in light of a Washington Post story revealing that there have been at least 91 such breeches dating back to the Carter administration.

At least - because the report detailing them was compiled in 2003. So it doesn't account for those that may have occurred in the ensuing six years - leading to the most current - and public one - committed by Tareq and Michaele Salahi.

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