Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Independent Review Of FBI In Lead Up To Fort Hood Shooting Ordered

Half staff ceremony honoring Fort Hood dead
Half staff ceremony honoring Fort Hood dead

Former FBI director and federal judge William Webster has been appointed by the current FBI director, Robert Mueller, to lead what's being described as an independent investigation into the shootings at Fort Hood.

It's been publicly revealed that the FBI had investigated the alleged shooter, Maj. Nidal M. Hasan, a U.S. Army psychiatrist, and Hasan's ties to a radical Muslim cleric in Yemen. But the FBI never shared the findings of its investigation with the Army.

The agents investigating Hasan concluded that his contacts with Anwar al-Aulaqi were as a result of research he was conducting and that he did not appear to be a threat nor involved in terrorism or any plots.

Director Mueller ordered an immediate, preliminary review of the FBI’s actions, as well any relevant policies and procedures that may have impacted FBI efforts before the shootings. The preliminary review has been completed, and Judge Webster will now lead an independent, outside effort that will look both at the initial findings and allow for additional review as he and his staff determine.

“As a former FBI director, director of central intelligence, and federal judge, Judge Webster is uniquely qualified to undertake this task and look at the procedures and actions involved in this matter,” Mueller said.

“He, in the past, has led independent reviews of various FBI systems and broader policies and provided valuable recommendations. In this case, Judge Webster will have complete access and whatever resources necessary to complete the task.”



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