Thursday, December 10, 2009

News Talk Online December 12, 2009: Obama's Rejection Speech


It was not a Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech. It was an infomercial for war.

President Obama took the peace prize home with him, but left behind in Oslo his praise for war, his claims for war and his view of an alternative and more peaceful approach to the world consisting of murderous economic sanctions.

Some highlights:

"There are the men and women around the world who have been jailed and beaten in the pursuit of justice; those who toil in humanitarian organizations to relieve suffering; the unrecognized millions whose quiet acts of courage and compassion inspire even the most hardened of cynics. I cannot argue with those who find these men and women — some known, some obscure to all but those they help — to be far more deserving of this honor than I."

Yet, you did argue. You argued by accepting the prize - and then making a false case for war:

"War, in one form or another, appeared with the first man. At the dawn of history, its morality was not questioned; it was simply a fact, like drought or disease — the manner in which tribes and then civilizations sought power and settled their differences."

This is simply not true of all tribes and civilizations, unless we include war making as a criterion for being considered civilized.

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