Saturday, December 12, 2009

Public Corruption Continues In New Jersey

Serrano - not smiling now

Serrano - not smiling now

News is supposed to be the reporting of the unusual.

One of the running jokes in the Garden State is that a real news story about government would be headlined, "No Elected Officials Indicted In New Jersey!"

Unfortunately, that headline doesn't appear in any New Jersey newspapers today.

That's because two more former public officials have been indicted.

Jersey City council candidate Lori Serrano was indicted and charged with accepting $10,000 in corrupt cash payments in exchange for her anticipated official assistance on development matters once she became a council member.

And Former New Jersey Assemblyman Daniel Van Pelt was indicted in connection with Van Pelt’s alleged acceptance of a $10,000 cash payment made in exchange for his official assistance on real estate development matters before the state and Ocean Township, New Jersey.

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