Friday, December 11, 2009

U.S. & Allies Say New Sanctions On Iran Likely Soon

What happened to the President Obama the Republicans loved to hate?

The likes of Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove and Sarah Palin actually congratulated him after his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech. A speech that defended U.S. policy - even when it meant waging war.

Maybe they - and other natural Obama critics - will soon be finding themselves in the unusual position of lauding him again soon.

That's because the United States and its allies have sent a sharp message to Iran. Either reel in your nuclear program - or we'll impose more sanctions.

Given the president's promise to the Nobel committee that he would do what he can to stop the insane proliferation of nuclear arms - could even stronger actions from this administration be next?

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Anonymous said...

Gary the very best plan for curbing Iraan is an overthrow of the present govenment along with the controlling mullahs, However we have seen what happened to the protesters earlier this year, many were imprisoned and many also killed for voicing their anger,The general population of Iran does not need embargos to hurt them further, the leaders need to see that the world will not put up with their threats, we are an ally of Israel and will not allow Israel to be wiped off the map by little dictator Armadenejad. they appear close to having what they need to deliver that threat to Israel, but Be Be will strike at Iran first if need be,there has been naval manuvers off the coast in the straights of Hormos, they are given sanctions and just continue on their way to develop their nuclear power, Jamie 38