Friday, January 8, 2010

5 Iranian Demonstrators Charged As 'Enemies Of God'

Paltalk News Network

Ever since the start of the Green Movement in Iran - the organic, spontaneous taking to the streets by Iranians who wanted their presidential votes properly counted last year - we, at the Paltalk News Network, have been following and reporting on the government crackdown on protesters. Our own correspondents in Iran have played a cat and mouse game with authorities - reporting at their own peril - as the regime attempted to squeeze the life out of the movement and stop the flow of information abroad.

They and thousands of others - brave journalists and citizens - have put themselves at risk to - by whatever means possible - recording and sending images to the outside world. So that the rest of us, in the comfort of our free nations, could comment about the beatings, shootings and jailing of people who just want their vote to count.

Like other concerned observers who have shuddered at the repeated documented human rights violations in the street, we've been appalled by what we've seen. But it wasn't until today that I realized how wrong we've been.

You see, it's now been revealed to us by the government, that the security forces who have been brutalizing the demonstrators, represent a higher authority than the Islamic Republic of Iran. They represent God Himself.

That's right. A dispatch from the semi-official Iranian Labour News Agency clarifies it all for us. Five demonstrators arrested in the latest demonstrations last week, the ILNA dutifully reports, will be tried as "enemies of God."

And all along, we thought they were just folks demanding an end to human rights violations. How naive we've all been!

This shows the audacity of the Iranian government. That they could make such a ridiculous claim. It also gives further insight, not only into the regime's mindset, but into Iran's so-called legal system. Which is about as fair as its presidential election process.

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