Thursday, January 7, 2010

FOIA Filed For Justice Department Report On White House Attorneys Who Authorized Enhanced Interrogation Techniques

An organization of attorneys, journalists and advocates has filed a request under the Freedom of Information Act requesting the long-suppressed Justice Department report about the conduct of President Bush's lawyers who authored memos authorizing enhanced interrogation of terrorism detainees.

FOIA request asks for the report - long promised by Attorney General Eric Holder - as well as the 10 page rebuttal of the 2008 report by then-Attorney General Michael Mukasey.

The request was filed by the Robert Jackson Steering Committee. Founded in 2008, the RJSC advocates the criminal prosecution of top U.S. government officials alleged to have committed war crimes. The committee was named in honor of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, who was the top U.S. prosecutor of Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg.

"The time has come to squarely address the role of these lawyers," said Charlotte Dennett, an attorney and an author of the FOIA request.

"Did they create new laws redefining the crime of torture after American forces had already begun torturing prisoners? And if so, for what purpose and on whose orders? We cannot countenance further delays or accept a greatly watered-down version of the original report. We must know the facts and then decide whether President Obama's Department of Justice is continuing the cover-up begun under his predecessor."

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