Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Media Locked Out Of Tea Party Convention

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They want to have an affect on the course of the nation - but they apparently hold the news media in such disdain that the organizers of the Tea Party convention in Nashville have turned down requests from reporters to cover the event.

Even the keynote speeches by former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) won't be covered by the press.

Isn't this the kind of thing that the Tea Party movement criticizes the mainstream political parties of doing?

Aren't Tea Partiers on the cutting edge of criticizing the behind-the-scenes negotiations to come up with a health reform bill to present to the two houses of Congress?

Weren't they among those who criticized then-candidate Barack Obama when he thought he was free of the prying ears of the press and proclaimed that people in Pennsylvania clutch their Bibles and guns? A Huffington Post reporter who was in attendance outed the future president for that one.

No doubt someone who is in attendance will sneak out snippets - if not the entire speeches. But that begs the question. If the Tea Party wants to be part of the national dialogue - then it should be part of the dialogue - and be inclusive - not exclusive. We've seen enough of the latter in Washington. And isn't that something the Tea Party says it wants to obviate? If so, then it should lead by example - and not fall into the "us against them" trap that - thanks to the current partisan political climate - we find ourselves in now.


Anonymous said...

Hello Gary I read with interest this article on the Nashville Tea Party in Feb and had not heard that reporters are being turned away. you are correct is stating that is what they complain about the present occupiers of the White House- all business behind closed doors and not on C-Span as Obama pleged in his campaign. have no idea why this tact is now being taken by the Tea Part People , except that they know that the media is in the tank for Obama. Your guess is as good as mine. and yes here in Pennsylvania we do honor God and there are many who also honor guns, but not me I will add. ty for publishing this Gary Barbara Erb

Benjamin said...

The reason they are locking out the mainstream media is because the mainstream media is propagating lies about the tea party.

All we ever get are stories along the lines of "are these tea party people really as crazy as everyone thinks?" Tin foil hat type accusations are rampant in the "mainstream" media. This is about America, and about blowing off the corporate run special interests of the former mainstream media that seek only to continue the reign of big money politics- we will win this revolution.