Friday, January 8, 2010

News Talk Online, January 8, 2009: Cellphone Dangers, Rudy Forgets, The Patients Leave The Asylum For The Art Gallery

Carleigh Cooper, author of the book Cellphones And The Dark Deception was my first guest today on News Talk Online on the Paltalk News Network. Cooper investigated the alleged health dangers of cellphones after her husband, a cellphone tower technician, died of brain cancer. Her findings - and warnings - are in her book.

The second segment began with a look at former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani's statement on ABC's Good Morning America today that no terrorist attack occurred on U.S. soil while George W. Bush was president - apparently forgetting that September 11, 2001 occurred on his, and Bush's, watch.

Finally, we previewed the opening on Thursday, January 14 of an art exhibition featuring 20 artists who are patients at the Creedmore Psychiatric Center in Queens. An opening that will be carried live on the Paltalk News Network.

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