Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Unsuspecting Airline Passenger Sucessfully Carries Explosives Into Ireland

This is a case of, not only one government not informing another of a security test, but of explosives getting through the screening process and onto an airplane.

The Slovakian government decided to test screening at Bratislava Airport and planted explosives in the luggage of eight passengers. Seven of the eight were detected successfully. But the eighth was not - and the passenger flew on to Dublin - with the explosives still in his luggage.

When he reached his destination, the explosives were found and he was arrested. He wasn't released until after Slovakian authorities finally confirmed that they - not the passenger - were responsible for the explosives being in his luggage.

This raises all kinds of concerns.

First, why did those conducting the test lose control of the explosives?

Second, why weren't all the explosives detected during screening?

And, finally, why didn't the Slovakians inform their Irish counterparts so that they could take appropriate action to ensure that the explosives were safely contained and disposed of - and to prevent them from detaining an innocent man?

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