Wednesday, February 3, 2010

News Talk Online February 3, 2009: Desolate Detroit

Detroit is plagued with unemployment, crime, fires and desolate neighborhoods like this one on the city's north side. Bob Lang, who grew up in and who has lived in the neighborhood for more than 70 years takes us on a walk along Exeter Street - and laments about what has happened to the city he loves.

We talked about Detroit, what it was, what it has become and what its future is on today's News Talk Online on the Paltalk News Network.

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Anonymous said...

Gary, this was a remarkable show in so many ways!!! Your guests were so articulate and spoke from the heart with the best of grass roots experiences, 99 % of the rest of us would never see this without you shining your light on this situation today. I worked in the inner city in Harlem on 146th st as a voolunteer and never saw what we saw with you today! and ty Jay for being the go to man for Gary. this show was Powerful. Barbara Erb