Saturday, February 6, 2010

Michigan Exodus Cited In Campaign

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SOUTHFIELD, Mich. - Michigan's Attorney General Mike Cox kicked off his campaign for the Republican nomination for governor at a rally at Lawrence Technological University in this Detroit suburb predictably lamenting the loss of jobs here. But he also focused on the exodus of Michigan's young people to other states.

Ironically, Cox said, many of the children are moving to the very states their grandparents and great-grandparents left for Michigan to realize the American dream. A dream lost, he argued, because of over-regulation in the Great Lakes State.

It caused me to reflect to my own niece's recent graduation from Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids. I've never attended a more depressing commencement. The keynote speaker - a former member of the college's board - lectured the graduates about how they are overqualified now for any job the state may offer. And how they likely will have to leave Michigan to find employment.

My niece, armed with a degree in psychology, followed that advice after failing to find a job here and is now working as a counselor in Connecticut.

Cox mentioned President Obama almost as often as he did retiring Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm as he promised to "cut spending, cut taxes and cut regulation" if he's elected.

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