Friday, February 12, 2010

Terror Trial Could Be Handed Back To Military Commission

Paltalk News Nework

The Obama administration is now rethinking its decision to hold the Gitmo 5 trial in a federal courthouse in Manhattan and is considering handing authority over the terrorist suspects to a military commission. Many in the New York area are hopeful that will be the case.

"I believe it belongs in the military system," said Paltalk News Network contributor Gary Moskowitz.

"This is an act of war. we are fighting a war. This is not a criminal case," said Moskowitz, a former New York City police officer and currently a security consultant.

"People don't know the definition of a crime as compared to terrorism," he said."

"Terrorism is an act of war against a country. Terrorist trials have to be held in a military tribunal."

Moskowitz also is concerned about the cost of providing security for a trial in lower Manhattan. Instead, he believes, an isolated portion of the country should be designated as the site for these trials.

"A court system should be opened up in the desert somewhere where it can be well protected and you don't have to endanger people. To endanger populations is wrong," he said.

His comments are echoed by Liz Berney, also a Paltalk News Network contributor and a Republican candidate for Congress in New York.

"Bringing them to New York should never have been under consideration," said Berney, an attorney, who has been advocating returning the suspects to the military system of justice.

"New York does not need to be turned into an armed camp in order to give terrorists an opportunity to showcase their supposed grievances against the world."


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