Tuesday, March 9, 2010

News Talk Online March 11, 2010: The Changing Way We Get Our News

Eric Williams, an award winning reporter from New York, now based in Australia, and Rafael Martinez Alequin, veteran journalist who edits www.yourfreefpress.blogspot.com discussed the state of journalism inn this troubled economy on News Talk Online on the Paltalk News Network today.

News organizations were already under criticism for abrogating their responsibilities before the economy declined. Now, with fewer resources, their ability to properly investigate the stories they bring to us is hampered further. The public suffers.

There are attempts on the Internet to fill the void left by a declining mainstream news media. But how does one determine which of these voices represent credibility? Williams and Martinez Alequin offered some answers.

Williams, formerly of Pacifica Radio’s WBAI-FM Evening News in New York City is currently based in Australia from which he covers the Pacific-Asian region for the Paltalk News Network. He previously extensively covered the United Nations.

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