Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bachmann: I'm Not Filling Out The Census

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A U.S. member of Congress - you know - one of the 435 House members who make the laws - says she not only will violate federal law by refusing to fill out her census form - but she's urging her relatives to follow her lead.

Conservative Republicans seem, increasingly, to be running against the very federal government they've taken an oath to serve. Trying to position themselves as the outsiders to the intrusiveness that they believe Washington represents.

But Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota is taking things a bit far. She's told the Washington Times that she's afraid the information she provides to the Census Bureau will be abused. So she's not filling out the form.

This, of course, sends a horrible message - not only to her constituents - many of whom may now be motivated to follow her lead - but to other Americans who have been so battered with anti-government rhetoric during the health reform debate that they are afraid that they're now going to be hauled away to jail for not having health insurance.

If they're so worried about falling on the wrong side of the law - perhaps their first concern should be the ramifications of not answering the census questionnaire.

It's interesting. On August 18, 2009, Bachmann, speaking on the Fox News Channel, proclaimed that health reform was unconstitutional.

Well, if she's so concerned about upholding the Constitution, then she should read Article 1, Section 2, which mandates that a census be conducted every 10 years. One could argue that she is acting in an unconstitutional manner.

It's not as if the census was a new imposition that takes away our freedoms. The first census was conducted in 1790.

It's also interesting that a member of Congress would refuse to participate in the census. Because congressional districts - you know - like the one she represents - are drawn up based on the census. No census - no congressional districts. No congressional districts - no Congresswoman Bachmann.

As a lawmaker, Bachmann should know that Title 13 of the United States Code protects the confidentiality of information collected by the Census Bureau.

If Bachmann doesn't feel the necessity to follow federal law, she shouldn't be in the business of making it. She should either follow the law and fill out the census form. Or resign.


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Gary Baumgarten said...

A writer states the obvious - a point I entirely overlooked in my story - that federal aid is based on the number of people in a congressional district. She's hurting her own district by not filling it out!


Anonymous said...

Very biased view. This is not a report but only your opinion, a one - sided opinion. I happened to come across this and noticed it was so flawed with highlights that you forgot basic writing. Bring both sides to the issue and argue your belief.