Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Enough With This Tiger Obsession

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It's indisputable that Tiger Woods is the best pro golfer of our time. Perhaps of all time.

It's also indisputable that he's a human being - with attributes and failings.

Of course, because he's such a phenomenal golfer, it's expected that his professional career would come under scrutiny. And, because he is - therefore - a public figure - his private life would be of interest to the public as well. But there should be limits.

Not only have we, the public, golf fans or not, been treated to blow-by-blow details of the car accident outside Woods' house that lead to the public "outing" of his marital indiscretions, but we've learned about the steamy text messages he's had and we now know what purports to be his deepest sexual fantasies. What a shocker! Deserving - apparently - of screaming headlines. This great golfer has sexual fantasies.

Now, today, we are hearing, not of his fantasies. But of his alleged sexual actions. Courtesy of his porn star friend who feels compelled to exploit Woods by telling all. Apparently there are those in the news media who know no bounds - know not of decency and fair play.

It's not just Woods who suffers from this coverage. So does his estranged wife. And, eventually, so will their beautiful child.

Is this really necessary?

Mainstream news organizations are in decline. They have limited resources because their audiences were shrinking even before the economy. So there's far less in-depth reporting. Less analysis. Far fewer investigative pieces. You know, the kind of reporting that actually makes a difference in our lives. The kind of thing that we've entrusted the news media with: to be our representatives with government. The voice of the people.

Instead, they chase titillating details of Woods' indiscretions. It's easy. And it sells newspapers. Especially if accompany the story with a nice, big, sexy photo of the porn star in question.

It also distracts us from focusing on the important things in life. The economy. Poverty. The number of wars and diseases that are killing people world wide. The spending of our hard-earned and reluctantly contributed tax dollars.

So Tiger Woods broke his marriage vows. Had - apparently - a number of affairs. Shared - apparently - his sexual fantasies which were meant to remain private with a porn actress who decided to exploit him by breaking that trust. And had - apparently - interesting sex with another porn star and her friend. We get it. But he's not the first, nor will he be the last, guy who does one or all of the above in one form or another. Enough is enough. Let's put this story to rest. Let's leave the guy alone. Let's stop quoting all his wife's unnamed "friends" about how this is affecting her. And let's start covering stories that really matter.


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