Thursday, March 4, 2010

News Talk Online March 4, 2010: Security Council Split On Iran

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In the end, it could be the failure of the UN Security Council to reach agreement on Iran that leads to war.

The United States is pushing for passage of a draft resolution that would increase sanctions on Iran - directed primarily at the leadership of the Revolutionary Guard. Over fears that Tehran is developing nuclear weapons.

France is in agreement that something should be done. So is the UK. But China and Russia are arguing for more time for negotiations. More time that gives Iran the opportunity to forge ahead with its nuclear program.

The failure of the permanent five members of the Security Council to be of one mind sends a dangerous message to Iran. That message is: don't worry. No one is going to try to force anything on you.

It's like parents giving mixed messages to their children. It doesn't work.

Here's the real danger in all this.

There are those in the Middle East, and not just Israel, who are very nervous about the prospect of a nuclear armed Iran. If the Security Council members themselves can't agree, and if Israel in particular becomes convinced that Iran is proceeding with making a nuclear weapons, expect a preemptive strike.

Of course, if that happens, the UN will suddenly wake up and condemn Israel. But if that happens, the resolutions of condemnation should really be directed at the Security Council.

Perhaps talking is the best course of action. Perhaps additional sanctions should be imposed. Or maybe a combination of the two. But one thing's clear. If the world wants to get any kind of verifiable compliance out of Iran, the Security Council has to get its act together first.


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