Thursday, April 8, 2010

And I Thought Congress Went Against The Will Of The People

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Michele Bachmann was still stoking the fires of repeal yesterday during a GOP rally in her home state of Minnesota, declaring that she thought she heard cries of "repeal" emanating from the crowd. But other Republican members of Congress are apparently distancing themselves from those who-  immediately upon its being signed into law - called for the repealing of the health reform bill. Could it be that our representative form of government actually worked last month?

After all, members of Congress are elected to, presumably, represent their constituencies.   Those who voted for the health reform bill put themselves in political peril if their vote was not reflective of the will of their district's electorate.

The ink wasn't even dried on the bill when we heard so many people say that passage of the bill spelled a change in the balance of power in Congress after this fall's mid-term elections. Everyone who voted "yes" would be tested. Many of  them - all Democrats of course - would fall into political oblivion. And this would be the harbinger of the political death of President Obama two years later. "Obama," they declared, "is a one-term president!"

All this may turn out to be true. I haven't a crystal ball at my immediate disposal so I don't know. But, then, why are so many Republicans backtracking from their calls to repeal the bill?

Could it be that their internal polling in their districts shows that people aren't really as upset about this bill as the rhetoric might indicate?

Yes, it is true that national polling shows that Americans remain skeptical of a bill that they still do not fully understand. But then, why, if this is the political bellwether issue of 2010,  are Republicans cooling to the idea of demanding repeal?


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darrell30s said...

gary i dont think thats all true that conservatives dont want to repeal the bill.. most conservatives iv seen and talk to want to repeal it but they cant repeal it till 2012 when we get new press, if conservatives take over both houses they can defund parts of it.. we need heathcare but not govt take over.. repeal is still on the table and most conservatives suport it.. thank u darrell

Anonymous said...

The Repubican party is looking for a talking point issue to bury the democrates with and they cannot find that one issue. The middle class is tired of paying for all these entitlement programs, and not getting any rewards from it. If the party finds there are no rewards in healthcare reform for the middle class they will stick with repeal,In my opinion.

Allen TX said...

well To be honest with you still I am not sure how this Healthcare Bill passed and maybe never clear out for me as you know Gary I am in most conservative republican state and all I hear on daily bases from the people I see in my shop they all disagree with the healthcare bill bout I hope at the end all work for the best for American people

JacInIreland said...

This seems like a classic case of the mourning process. The five stages of grief seems sadly significant in this
Denial (it will never pass) Anger (OMG IT DID! REPEAL REPEAL) Bargaining (ok, some bits are acceptable, but get rid
of the bits we don't like) Depression (so much for Palin 2012) Acceptance (insert WAAAAAAAH here)
The republicans have apparently woken up to the fact that either way, this bill WILL continue with or without their
support, and it very possibly will be the big X needed to see Obama through to the next term. 'death panels', 'bankrupting our country' 'poor poor insurance companies', will be long forgotten, and the fact that 31 million Americans won't have to decide between a plasma screen tv and good health will be whats forefront in the voters minds. If you can't beat 'em, then just shut up and pretend you supported it in the first place!

RICESKI said...

I am so glad you got what you wanted, please try not to choke on it.

The trailer park crowd.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Bullbreed

Like Gorbachev said to his limo driver "signal left and turn right".

Sometimes giving the illusion you are going one way instead of the other can get you voters on both sides of the issue.

Hard liners will look at the vote and the others will remember whats said.

My real test for this is who gets what seats in the next congressional election.

What will the grand old dinosaurs do if America sends them a real message and stonewalls them again.