Sunday, April 11, 2010

Arab Israeli Singer Cancels London Appearance Due To Death Threats

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An Arab Israeli singer who - along with her Jewish Israeli partner has been performing songs promoting peace and understanding between Arabs and Jews - has canceled an appearance in London due to death threats.

The popular rhetoric would have it that the Israelis are the ones who oppose peace in the Middle East. But the threats against Mira Awad indicates that there are those on the Arab side of this issue who will do anything to prevent a peace.

Israel, of course, should not be indemnified from criticism. But it's not Israel that has repeatedly walked away from the peace table.

The Palestinians have been given opportunity after opportunity to sign onto a two-state solution but have - for one reason or another - I call it excuses - failed to act.

There's no question that the Israeli government's building of West Bank settlements is a point of contention. But that should not preclude the Palestinians from accepting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's invitation to return to the peace table.

The question of boundaries should be negotiated, not decided through rocket attacks from the Palestinians and retaliatory military strikes by the Israelis. But that can't take place unless the Arabs come to the table and actually negotiate - and reach a deal - for peace.

The threats against Awad are indicative of a mindset that's still not ready for peace.


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