Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Homelessness Is NOT A Crime

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If you're homeless you - by definition - have no home. But whatever you do, don't camp out on public land. Because if you do - you'll face arrest.

Of course, you can't camp out on private land either - because you'll face arrest for trespassing.

In Camden, New Jersey, homeless people have been encamped between a highway and railroad tracks for months. But now, they have until tomorrow to move out. Or the county may come and clear them away.

This is not the first time this has happened to homeless people in the United States. A country where - not only are you ostracized if  you're homeless, you face arrest for simply existing.

You can't rest on private property. And you can't rest on public land.

Many of the homeless in Camden's tent city say they will not leave if ordered tomorrow. Setting the stage for a possible confrontation with authorities. And the prospect of their being arrested.

I guess I was wrong. I guess homelessness is a crime after all.


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Zalman Lachman said...

The majority of homeless poeple, or at least until this last round of foreclsures, are mentally ill people. This is due to the 'least restrictive' rulings of about 20 years ago that said that unless a person is a 'danger to themselves or others' they may not be institutionalized. Tragic.

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